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Animated Videos for

Innovative Companies

Innovation creates communication gaps. Video is the best way to close the distance between you and your customers

"10/10 recommended for your animated explainer videos. Roxana has a thorough process to make sure the end result is perfect. Superb animations, script, sound effects, voice-overs."

Bas ter Haar Romenij  Product Manager Solar Monkey

Bas ter Haar Romenij

Product Manager Solar Monkey

"Great Professional, quick, responsive, value for money, creative, artistic, all in one! What else can one ask for!"

Philip Hennemann  Co-founder Leapforce

Philip Hennemann

Co-founder Leapforce

Simplify the Complex

Unravel complexity effortlessly. Animation transforms large amounts of information into an engaging package, ensuring a potent, easily understood message that lingers in the audience's memory.

Visualize the Intangible

From data to psychology, animation breathes life into the intangible. With animation IT, physics, or finance concepts come alive visually making the abstract tangible and relatable.

Show How It Works

See inside objects and dive into the mechanics. Animation demystifies the inner workings providing a captivating journey into the intricacies of diverse subjects.

Product Videos
Explainer Videos
Video Ads
Web Animations
UI Animations
Graphic Design

Why Aron Animation

I handle 100% of the work. Your project is in expert hands from conception to completion.

Full Services

Each video is tailor-made to uniquely represent and resonate with your brand identity.

Custom Design

Aron Animation is committed to perfection. I will revise the designs until you're 100% satisfied.

Unlimited Reviews

As a freelancer, I offer faster turnaround and superior value compared to video agencies.


7 years as an architect enrich my projects with technical knowledge, ensuring a perfect blend of creativity and precision.

Technical Skills

Transparency and efficiency, drawing from extensive experience coordinating architecture projects.

Transparent Process

The process was professional and communication was very easy. We had planned meetings every week, where she gave us updates on the status, listened to our feedback, and adapted the work accordingly.  We are very happy with the video!

Francis van Rooij

Co-Founder Otentica

Happy to work with Roxana, who makes strong commitments to the assignment and always brings extra. During the process, she is not just doing what we asked but thinks with us for better results.

Jammy Zhu  Studio Manager MVRDV

Jammy Zhu

Studio Manager MVRDV

What Clients Are Saying


I am  happy to help you develop unique, compelling video animations that increase awareness, educate and position your brand successfully.

Roxana Kuijpers - Aron  Founder Aron Animation
Get in Contact

Roxana Kuijpers - Aron

Founder Aron Animation

Animated Videos

Aron Animation has helped some of Netherlands' top brands leverage a full range of conceptual and production expertise to execute sensational campaigns and scale at the speed of light.

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