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Explainer Video

In close collaboration with the founder and the marketing manager of JOYN, we created an animation video that gives the viewer an insight into the JOYN product, in an engaging and easy-to-understand way.

Besides being an efficient way of pitching their product to future investors, JOYN extensively uses it in their B2B approach strategy. Their explainer video is their no. 1 marketing tool when approaching new leads.

About JOYN

Creating an Explainer Video

JOYN is a startup company based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. They help multinationals manage their employee's commuting challenges. Their platform centralizes commuting information, keeps track of the company's CO2 emissions and budget spent on traveling. By using the JOYN platform, HR knows exactly where they need to adjust their commuting strategy in order to become greener and more cost-effective.

The JOYN team made a request to create an animated video about their product. The video is a quick and easy explanation of the specifics of this service and the benefits it could bring to customers.


Combining clear and concise language with appealing visuals, I created an animated explainer video that helped them improve communication with their target audience.

Video production stages

To create a product that will stand out we needed to go through the following stages:

Video Production Stages Initial Consultation Illustration

Initial consultation


The target audience and market research is an essential stage of the creative process. The goal of the research stage was to understand the JOYN brand and what they wanted to communicate to their target audience.


We discussed the value proposition, what their company's vision is, what personality, branding strategy, tone of voice, graphic identity the company has. All of these are important pieces of information that should be transmitted to the viewer. In this way, the explainer video reflects the company's brand personality. 

Video production stages: Concept and  Script

Concept & Script

After establishing the tone of voice and main goals of the animation I wrote the script to fit with the company's brand personality. Here is the transcript:

When it comes to managing green commutes, it can feel quite overwhelming. That's why  JOYN provides all the data you need to make your company more sustainable. With charts that let you have a live overview of your CO2 emissions, budget, and tax reduction score, you can plan your mobility strategy to fit your goals. Hover over to see how many people engage in specific patterns and learn your employees' preferences. Through our app, Encourage better choices by creating commute challenges. What will it be today? Green mobility, public transport, or your own means of transportation ? Everything you need to reach your green goals. JOYN the movement


Because they complement each other, the script and storyboards are developed in parallel. After several reviews and further development of the graphic style, we determined how each scene will look like. Here are a few snippets of the final scenes.

Joyn Explainer Video Still
Joyn Explainer Video Still
Joyn Explainer Video Still
Joyn Explainer Video Still



An animatic consists of the storyboards timed out in a video with a temporary voice-over on top. It is one of the most important steps in establishing the pace and feel of the final animation


After the approval of the animatic, each scene is brought to life through the power of animation.

The Process of Creating an Explainer Video Adobe After Effects
The Process of Creating an Explainer Video

Post-production stage 

After each scene has been animated they are all brought together into one clip. A professional voice-over artist recorded the final voice-over. Sound effects and stock music were added at this point.

Video Production Process: Post Poduction
Video Production Process: Delivery


Delivery included a 4K video format and snippets of each scene that can be used to explain different product features on the JOYN website.

This bumper can be used at the beginning of all future JOYN video content 

As an bonus, I included a customized loading sign for their website page

Joyn Loading UI
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