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a future-proof building

Mei architects and planners commissioned two videos explaining the flexibility of one of their building's layouts.

The first video was used in a lecture held by architect and partner  Robert Platje. 

The lecture was part of the "Open Building" lecture series, supported by TU Delft University of Technology.

“An excellent video created in a very professional manner with great feedback and communication throughout. We couldn't be happier with the price, the process, and most importantly the finished product. Highly recommended.”

Mieke Winkel - Vullins

Mieke Winkel - Vullings
Head of Marketing/PR
Mei architects and planners

The Second video Showcases how the Mei architecture office grew within the Schiecentrale building throughout the years. Here is how they used it in their social media campaign:

The video is widely used on the Mei social media platforms to showcase the flexibility of the building.

More about Schiecentrale here

Schiecentrale building animation
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