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Solar Monkey

Solar Monkey and Solar Service Team partnered up to create Premium Solar Service. For their latest lead generation campaign they commissioned a 60-second animated video that explains their value proposition. From that video, we edited a 30-second video ad that is used in their sales campaign.

Client :  Solar Monkey, Solar Service Team

Industry: Energy

Music & SFX: Ron Roco Audio

Script: Thomas Copywriting

10/10 recommended for your animated explainer videos. Roxana has a thorough process to make sure the end result is perfect. She involves her customers in every process step, even in like selecting the right tone of voice or music. The end result is just magnificent. Superb animations, script, sound effects, voice-overs.

Product Manager Solar Monkey

Bas ter Haar Romenij

Bas ter Haar Romenij, Product Manager Solar Monkey

After deciding on the direction, a clear, and compelling script is developed

Step 1: Script

The storyboard will define the main scenes. It will consist of a series of sketches that outline the plot

Step 2: Storyboard

This part is the most time-consuming. It’s the step where the concept is put into motion

Step 4: Animation

These custom illustrations will give you a glimpse of what your final video will look like. 

Step 3: Style Frames

The Process

We'll go through the step-by-step process for creating this animated video


Step 1: The Script

The first step is to define the goal of the video, the audience, and the viewing channels.

We develop a compelling script with a professional copywriter based on the

problem-solution-features-call-to-action framework.

The client reviews this and we implement the changes. 

Wil jij álles uit jouw zonnepanelen halen – en bij defecten niet voordure verrassingen komen te staan?

Met Premium Solar Service monitoren we jouw zonnepanelen 24/7 en komen we kosteloos langs als dat nodig is.


Dit is hoe het werkt:

  • We lezen de opbrengsten van jouw zonnepanelen continu uit.Dit vergelijken we met de verwachtingen, zodat je zeker weet dat je panelen perfect presteren.


  • Verliezen we verbinding met de omvormer? Dan nemen we proactief contactop om de verbinding te herstellen.


  • Elk kwartaal ontvang je een prestatierapport.


  • En voor al jouw vragen staat onze klantenservice klaar.


Dus wil jij zeker weten dat jouw installatie altijd perfectpresteert, en nooit voor onverwachte kosten komen te staan?


Kies dan voor Premium Solar Service.

Step 2: The Storyboard

After getting the green light on the script, the visuals are sketched out.

Step 3: The Style Frames

After review and approval of the sketches from step 2, the illustrations are developed. This is the base for the animation. They have the same visual style as the company so the end video fits seamlessly into the company brand.

Step 4: Animation

This part is the most time-consuming. The animation assets are prepared and animation begins in After Effects

Step 4: Animation, The animation assets are prepared and animation begins in After Effects
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I am  happy to help you develop unique, compelling video animations that increase awareness, educate and position your brand successfully.

Roxana Kuijpers - Aron  Founder Aron Animation
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