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Otentica was founded to speed up, facilitate and make the screening of candidates and employees more secure. Otentica's software solutions help HR professionals, and organizations go through screening processes more efficiently.


​Otentica commissioned 2 videos: a 30-second explainer video and a 15-second ad.  The videos are integrated into their marketing campaign and are used on their website, social media, email, LinkedIn chat messages, and advertisements.​

Client : Leapforce, Otentica 

Industry: SaaS, HR

Music & SFX: Ron Roco Audio

The process was professional and communication was very easy. We had planned meetings every week, where she gave us updates on the status, listened to our feedback, and adapted the work accordingly.  We are very happy with the video!

Co-Founder Otentica

Francis van Rooij

Francis van Rooij , Co-Founder Otentica

After deciding on the direction, a clear, and compelling script is developed

Step 1: Script

The storyboard will define the main scenes. It will consist of a series of sketches that outline the plot

Step 2: Storyboard

This part is the most time-consuming. It’s the step where the concept is put into motion

Step 4: Animation

These custom illustrations will give you a glimpse of what your final video will look like. 

Step 3: Style Frames

The Process

We'll go through the step-by-step process for creating this animated video


Step 1: The Script

The first step is to define the goal of the video, the audience, and the viewing channels.

We develop a compelling script with a professional copywriter based on the

problem-solution-features-call-to-action framework.

The client reviews this and we implement the changes. 


Geautomatiseerde pre-employment checks met Otentica. 

Bezoek de website en  ontvang 3 gratis screenings.


Optimaliseer je pre-employment screening proces met Otentica’s geautomatiseerde oplossing.


Ontvang 100% betrouwbare kandidaatgegevens van sectoroverschrijdende registers in Nederland. Diploma’s, beroepskwalificaties en identiteitsgegevens binnen enkele minuten geverifieerd. Optimaliseer je candidate experience.


 Heb je een inefficiënt screening proces? 

 En wil je 100% zekerheid dat je vakbekwame mensen aanneemt? 

Step 2: The Storyboard

After getting the green light on the script, the visuals are sketched out.

Step 3: The Style Frames

After review and approval of the sketches from step 2, the illustrations are developed. This is the base for the animation. They have the same visual style as the company so the end video fits seamlessly into the company brand.

Step 4: Animation

This part is the most time-consuming. The animation assets are prepared and animation begins in After Effects

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